Montagens Industriais, lda


Projemato Lda., Metalvolt, Lda, and Projemato Madeira, Lda., Develop their activities in the industrial sector, namely metal-mechanics, electricity and telecommunications, more specifically in the assembly and maintenance of structured networks and telecommunications; electrical and mechanical installations, repairs and maintenance; manufacture and assembly of metal constructions and industrial pipes.


The primary objective of our organizations is the satisfaction of our current and new potential customers, through the permanent improvement of the quality of the services provided, as well as, the sustained growth.


In order to achieve and maintain this objective, in a consistent and durable manner, companies have decided to establish a Quality Management System in accordance with the standard NP EN ISO 9001: 2015 and proceed permanently to its maintenance, with a view to meeting the requirements and continuous improvement of its effectiveness.


The guiding principles of this Quality Management System are:


    Obtain customer satisfaction with a view to their loyalty, guaranteeing the quality of services, in accordance with the established specifications.


    Promote quality, favoring approved suppliers with better response capacity.


    Involvement and motivation of all company employees, through the expression of ideas and suggestions in the search for constant opportunities for improvement in the execution of works.


    Provide company employees with the necessary training, so that in the development of their activities they can do it with competence.


The achievement of quality is everyone's responsibility, and each of the stakeholders in the organization is responsible for complying with the specifications, procedures and work instructions that it applies.


The management of the Group of companies is convinced that their success depends on the effective implementation of this Policy, and publicly commits itself to society in general, to make all the necessary resources available to its employees, in order to jointly make it possible to achieve these objectives. 


Vilar do Pinheiro, January 9, 2017

Quality Policy